About Olivia

I am Olivia Adams and I am a public relations junior at Ferris State University with a minor in Spanish.

Here is what my junior year looks like as a PR student:

-Social media manager for Ferris State PRSSA
-Vice president of Ferris State NSCS
-Founder and president of the Spanish Club
-Public relations intern for Dr. Brotherton, professor of marketing at Ferris State
-Writer for Ferris State’s College of Business Website
-Writer for my university’s paper, The Torch

Despite being busy, I do try to have a life outside of my PR life.

  • I absolutely love spending time with my friends, family, and boyfriend
  • I love to write, especially just for fun!
  • I enjoy traveling. Last summer I spent two weeks in Costa Rica and was one of the best experiences of my life.
  • I also love spending time in cafes while reading, writing, listening to music, and drinking vanilla lattes.

I’ve finally come to terms that the life of a PR pro is crazy, exciting, stressful, but most of all REWARDING. I love everything about being a PR major and have gained so much knowledge about the industry.

Goals: After college, I would like to work for a PR agency or in public affairs. I am still searching for my exact niche, but through my classes, PRSSA, and internships, I am coming closer to discovering what I want to do.

Dreams: Work for one of the top PR agencies in the world, live in Spain for a year, backpack through Peru, and take my dad salsa dancing in San Jose, Costa Rica.


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