PR Girl in the Big City

After countless stoplights and heavy traffic, I finally made it to my first day of my internship. 

I made sure I arrived 30 minutes early with my notepad in hand to my first day. I couldn’t believe I was finally about to start my internship with the 500 Festival. I stepped out of my car, took a deep breath, and admired the beauty of downtown Indianapolis. This moment felt so surreal. I realized that I am finally a PR girl in the big city.

The morning was spent in an orientation session with the other interns. There is a total of eight interns. We all have different positions and duties. Most of the interns are from Indiana, besides myself and a girl from Texas. Some of us are racing fans while others haven’t ever followed the Indianapolis 500 (I would fall into that category).

After going through the internship manual, we received a tour of the 500 Festival building. It is like a maze in that building! And of course, we were warned not to lock ourselves in the staircase. Luckily, we were given nifty little cards that swipe us into pretty much any room of the building. Hopefully I won’t find myself locked in an odd place!

I couldn’t wait to see the space where I’d be working for the next six months. When I was shown to my area, there I found a desk with a computer and phone. To my surprise, there was also a gift of a pretty cool backpack and some 500 Festival gear. (My boyfriend is actually pretty jealous of the swag.)

So my supervisor, she is AWESOME! Megan lives and breathes AP Style, just like me! She even mentioned that she will correct someone if they use “over” instead of “more than”. 

Here are some of the cool things I’ll get to do as the PR intern:

-Write the parade script for the 500 Festival parade which will be read in front of over 300,000 spectators. This event is also televised nationally. 
-Write numerous press releases
-Manage social media
-Media clippings (I discovered how important those clippings are today)
-Set up interviews with celebrities (Oh you know…like Anderson Cooper or Olivia Newton John)
-Publish a monthly newsletter
-Write the Month of May Media Guide
-And a whole lot more…

I cannot express how overjoyed I am to have received this internship. Everything fell into place perfectly. I am living in a great area of Indianapolis, close to shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment. I am beginning to fall in love with this city (even though I’ve only been here for a few days). PLUS, I have so many opportunities to learn about public relations at its finest and to sharpen skills. 

Today has been quite the day. Again, I couldn’t be more thankful for how everything worked out. These next several months are going to be extremely rewarding in every way possible.

I am ready to learn and work hard. But for now, this PR intern needs her beauty sleep.