Why I Love What I Do

Last night was my second PRSSA PRBQ. This is an event that kicks of the school year with PRSSA. Hotdogs, root beer, good friends, and great memories are all a part of this welcome back event.

Attending this was another reminder of why I chose public relations as a career. The people and the relationships are all part of why I love being a part of this organization and preparing for my career as a public relations professional. It’s not about going because it’s required, it’s going because of the love of being around people who have the same interests and have similar goals. It’s a good feeling that I cannot find any where else but within my PRSSA community.

This is my second year as a public relations major and I have loved every second of it. Going into college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought I’d like to go into business, but I had no idea what that entailed. After a while, I did an inventory of what I enjoy: writing, event-planning, meeting new people, and letting my creative juices run wild. Switching majors and schools, what one of the best decisions I have made for my future.

I love public relations because of the variety of work you can do. I enjoy writing and planning events the most. I also like to learn about new social media platforms and how to use them. Most of all, I like staying up to date on current issues and world events. Public relations allows me to combine all of these passions into one. Therefore, what do I love? I love my major.

The people are also great. When you meet someone who is in the public relations industry, their energy rubs off on you. I always get excited when I meet a professional or a graduate who is living the career of their dreams. I love hearing the stories that people have and their experiences. The best part is being able to bounce that energy off of one another.

I know that when I graduate college, I am going to find something that I love. Even if I don’t, I will make the most of experience I have. Public relations allows me to wake up every day and think, “I love what I do.”

So what are you passionate about? Have you found the path that you want to take? Or are you still searching for something that drives you to be the best possible you?


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